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Clan Carmichael Tartan

The Scottish Tartans Society notes that Carmichael of Artherstone sealed a sample of the Carmichael tartan in the Collection of the Highland Society in 1907. This is the first known appearance of the tartan.


Richard Carmichael of Carmichael, 30th Chief recorded this tartan in the Lord Lyon Book LCB XLVIII on 21st September 1984. The petition to the Lord Lyon was dated 2nd Nov 1982.


This sett is sometimes woven in slightly different proportions, most noticeably in the black and green stripes. All of the name Carmichael have the chief's approval for the wearing of the Carmichael tartan.

There are both modern and ancient variations for almost every tartan. The modern variations are bolder and darker in color, made using chemical dyes. The ancient variations are more subdued, lighter and softer, and reflect what tartans made with animal and vegetable dyes would look like. Either tartan is appropriate for use by clan members.





For an in-depth introduction to tartan and kilts, listen to "Episode 6: Rocky Roeger of USA Kilts" on Carmichael Clan Radio, the official Podcast of Clan Carmichael USA. 

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