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Clan Carmichael Badge

The Carmichaels were fine warriors and supported their neighbors, the powerful Douglas clan, in their struggles for Scottish power and in forays across the English border.


The traditional hero of the family is Sir John de Carmichael of Meadowflat (later of Carmichael) who became the first chief of the clan. He was the son of the 2nd Baron of Carmichael, William Carmychel, who built the first castle on the estate around 1414. Sir John was a knight in the Scottish army sent to help the French repel the English invasion during the Hundred Years War. The French army was on the verge of collapse when on 22 March 1421, Sir John engaged the Duke of Clarence, brother of King Henry V of England, at the Battle of Bauge. During their charge with lances drawn, Sir John unhorsed the Duke, breaking his own spear in the process (as depicted in a painting of the event below). At the death of their Commander the English troops fled in disarray, winning the battle for the Aulde Alliance of France and Scotland.



For this deed, the grateful French awarded Sir John the family crest featuring a broken spear grasped by a gauntlet (an armor-clad hand). He was appointed Bishop of Orleans in 1426 during the rise of Joan of Arc. The motto on the Clan Carmichael badge is “Tout Jour Prest” (too zhure pray), medieval French for “Always Ready”. This badge may be worn with pride by all Carmichaels, and those who bear allegiance to the Chief of the Clan.


Badge description:


A dexter hand and arm in pale armed and holding a broken spear, Proper

"dexter" right hand
"pale" centered

"proper"  shown in natural colors

Beginner's Guide to Heraldry:


The motto on the Clan Carmichael badge is "Tout Jour Prest (too zhure pray), Medieval French for "Always Ready."

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