When you become a member of Clan Carmichael USA, your donation does more than entitle you to clan bragging rights. Membership dues support Clan Carmichael USA's annual scholarship, newsletter, and clan genealogy and story-keeping projects.

Clan Carmichael USA memberships make great gifts, and are an excellent way to encourage new generations of Carmichaels to explore and celebrate their heritage.


What benefits are there to becoming a member? CCUSA members join a vibrant network of Carmichaels and kin all over the world to celebrate together, suppport each other, and uphold the memory of our ancestors. CCUSA membership is how we identify each other and build trust in a shared passion.

What does my membership help support? Your membership fees support the Eagle Gate newsletter, annual scholarship, and Carmichael presence at Highland Games and other Scottish heritage events. It also helps support this website and our social media connections, so that no matter where we roam, we can always find our back to each other.

Who can become a member of Clan Carmichael USA? According to our current Chief, Richard Carmichael of Carmichael, anyone with the name Carmichael, or descended from someone of that name, or related by blood or marriage, or who is willing to swear a bond of manrent is able and welcome to join the Clan.

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